13 January, 2012

"Green Arrow" TV Series in planning

A "Green Arrow" TV Series is being planned by CW Network, with Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg are writing and executive producing the show.
The comic itself dates back to 1941, when Oliver Queen made his first appearance in "More Fun Comics". If you're not familiar with the Green Arrow character well here is a quick biography of him, Oliver Queen is a Billionaire who is leading a double life as an expert archer and customed hero Green Arrow, he has also been a member of The Justice League.
Justin Hartley playing Green Arrow in "Smallville" an became a very popular character, leading to him becoming a regular character in later seasons of the show. There is no mention whether or not the new show will be connected to "Smallville", but it is circulating that Hartley is not being sought after to play the lead role.

Just because a network gives their interest in a pilot doesn't mean that the series will be green lit, as we found out last years "Wonder Woman" series was dropped.

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